Select Video or RF Input
CF2000 PCI Card Teletext Decoder with Packet 31 VBI Decoding
Look at these advanced features:

Microsoft Windows drivers available on this page
Jumperless Installation as a COM port
LED's show Signal, Data and Command activity
PCI Interrupt Steering logic - no interrupt clashes
Data Buffering & Flow Control; no loss of data
Packet 31 VBI data or ordinary Teletext pages
High Speed 115,200 Baud Operation
Professional Data Broadcast receiver card
VHF and UHF Tuner built in, plus...
Switched PHONO socket for satellite video input.
Compact physical size
Will fit into PC custom products.

For high volume applications of our PCI Card
we can licence manufacture.

Applications include EPoS, Financial, Betting Industry, Data Mining, Compliance Recording etc.

Crystal Controlled Philips UHF/ VHF Tuner
625 line 50Hz TV Standards supported
1v p-p Video Input into 75 Ohms via. PHONO socket
CPU on card with local data buffering RAM
Easy applications interface via COM port.
CitiEditor is a proven Teletext Editor package which runs under Linux. It allows pages to be created or edited, and then serves them to the CTI-1000.
CitiEditor is bundled with the inserter to make a really cost effective solution to your Teletext system.

Dowload the Linux install here.
Order the CTI-1000 here
CTI-1000 External (RS-232) Teletext Inserter

The CTI-1000 has been designed to provide legacy analogue teletext service for locally distributed systems. Hotels, Schools, Hospitals and Cable TV companies are typical locations where the unit can be deployed. Wherever you want to add teletext to an analogue video signal, the CTI-1000 does the job! It can function as an inserter, or a generator if no input video is available or is intermittent.

Detailed Information

Compact construction in Metal Case 100mm X 130mm X 40 mm approx.
PC-AT compatible 9-way 'D' connector. Straight 1:1 cable (supplied) to COM port
9/12V DC supply - allows use in different countries with local approved PSU
CE Approved and certified compliant to Low Voltage Directive
LED indication of Power, Sync and Data
Built-in real time clock, battery backed (set via. host serial command)
Designed in the UK for continuous, reliable operation
800 Teletext Pages stored in RAM (uploaded via. serial port)
Video Input and Video Output 1v p-p into 75 Ohms via RCA/PHONO sockets
Automatic fallback to locally generated blank raster if external syncs are absent
115kBaud RS-232 interface to host with RTS/CTS flow control

Fully documented command set available here ; contact us now for further information and volume pricing,
or to discuss your potential application confidentially in more detail. We have customers in the USA, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Italy, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom; the list is growing steadily!

All CITIFAX Products carry a no-quibble
4 YEAR return-to-factory warranty!